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The following are only some examples of what we do:

Head and Neck Surgery

  • Evaluation of neck masses and excision or biopsy if necessary

  • Thyroglossal Duct Cyst excision


Chest Surgery

  • Repair of pectus excavatum using the minimally invasive technique as described by Dr Nuss.

  • Excision of chest or lung masses and congenital lung lesions

  • Esophageal surgery

  • Minimally invasive correction of Pectus Carinatum

Abdominal Surgery

  • Operations on the small and large intestine

  • Appendectomy

  • Umbilical hernia repair

  • Operations on the liver, pancreas, gallbladder and spleen

  • Fundoplication and gastrostomy tube insertion

  • Surgery for Hirschsprung's disease

  • Rectal biopsy

  • Pyloromyotomy

  • Umbilical, ventral or epigastric hernia repair

  • Surgery for imperforate anus


Genitourinary Surgery

  • Circumcision

  • Hernia and hydrocele surgery

  • Surgery on the testicle

  • Undescended testicle

  • Evaluation of testicular masses and biopsy if necessary

Neonatal Surgery

  • Correction of a variety of congenital anomalies

  • Prenatal consultations for expectant parents that have been diagnosed with a problem that will require surgical correction (for example, gastroschisis and omphalocele)


Oncology Surgery

  • Biopsy suspicious masses and removal of tumors from the neck, chest, and abdomen

  • Removal and insertion of mediports

Minimally Invasive Surgery

  • A variety of chest and abdominal procedures can be performed using minimally invasive surgery. This allows for less pain and less scarring after surgery. Examples include removal of the gallbladder, appendix and spleen as well as operations on the intestine


Implant for precocious puberty

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