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  • What is a Pediatric Surgeon?
    A Pediatric Surgeon is a Surgeon who specializes in the surgical care of newborns, infants, children and adolescents. After graduating college and medical school, additional training includes 5 years of general surgery, 1 or 2 years of research and an additional 2 years of specialty intensive training solely in Pediatric Surgery.
  • Where are the procedures performed?
    Only very minor procedures under local anesthesia are performed in the office: Drainage of small abscesses Removal of embedded earrings Supprelin implant The vast majority of procedures are performed in a hospital or outpatient surgery setting under anesthesia. We operate at: Salah Foundation Children's Hospital at Broward Health HCA University Hospital in Davie Coral Springs Medical Center Palms West Hospital Bethesda Hospital East HCA Florida Northwest Medical Center See the "Where We Operate" page for further information.
  • Who provides the anesthesia for my child?
    The anesthesia is administered at all locations by qualified anesthesiologists that are sensitive to the unique physical and emotional needs of the pediatric patient.
  • Do I need Pre-operative clearance for my child's surgery?
    Parents are asked to take their child to the pediatrician for medical clearance before surgery. In addition, if the child is seeing another medical sub-specialist (cardiologist, pulmonologist), a clearance would be needed from your sub-specialty doctor as well. For most outpatient surgery, blood tests or x-rays are generally not required.
  • What should I expect on the day of surgery?
    Usually, several surgeries are scheduled on the same day and the starting time for your child's operation is approximate and may fluctuate greatly depending on how long the previous operations take. IV's are usually started in the operating room after the patient is asleep by gas anesthesia. You may be with your child until the moment he/she is taken into the operating room for the procedure. Parents are not allowed in the operating room. We make every effort to have you back with your child in the recovery room as soon as possible.
  • Can I visit the hospital before surgery?
    Preoperative tours are available and are handled by the hospital. If you are interested, our staff can provide you with the appropriate contact at the hospital who will then arrange a tour.
  • What can I expect after surgery?
    Your child will be discharged from the hospital once he/she is awake and is able to drink liquids At home, your child may be nauseated and may vomit. Continue to encourage slow intake of liquids and only advance to a regular diet once able to tolerate liquids.
  • Online Resources
    American Pediatric Surgical Association American Academy of Pediatrics
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