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Information for New Appointments
or Follow-up Visits

New patients may need to have a referral from their pediatrician or primary care physician.  Check with your insurance carrier or primary doctor.

Bring your insurance card and referral (if needed) when you come to our office.

Call 954-584-8500 during normal office hours to make an appointment or follow-up visit.


Billing and Insurance

We accept most forms of insurance, including Medicaid.

Call our office during regular operating hours and one of our staff will be happy to answer any billing and insurance questions you may have.

Bring your insurance card and referral when you come to our office.

Co-payments and deductibles are due at the time of our visit.  We accept cash, personal checks, Visa/MasterCard.

Prescriptions and Medical Supplies

If your child is on any medication, please bring the medication or a list of medications to your visit.

We do not carry gastrostomy tubes or tracheotomy tubes in our office.  If a change of a tube is necessary, please bring the tube to the office.

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